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My Asymmetric Tonic Neck Reflex Story

Asymmetric Tonic Neck Reflex, or ATNR for short, as modeled by baby T! Although this is not the perfect position, it's still a nice visual of what it looks like in babies!

I work with this reflex on kids all the time. But recently, I got to experience an amazing shift in my life by having *my* ATNR worked on by a couple of Core Specialists in Orlando. ( Ask my mom and she can tell you how sensitive I was to sounds as a kid. I hated parades, vacuum cleaners, disposal, dumping ice in a cooler, and on! She used to warn me, “big noises!” Constantly. It appeared that I just grew out of it. Except that’s not how it works with reflexes. As many have said, you can’t cheat the reflex. I compensated. The brain is amazing at creating compensations. And in this case that manifested as stress, subconscious avoidance of certain activities, and emotional outbursts at noises (sometimes my kids!) As the Core Specialist was working on me she said, “Your processing doesn’t have to be so stressful anymore.” And it isn’t. It’s so much better. My body doesn’t reflexively tense when the boys drop a wooden toy on the hard floor. I put the silverware away without wincing... Guess I can’t get out of that chore anymore. I’m so grateful to MNRI for so many reasons. This is just one. And this is just ONE reflex, as it happened to affect my body and my life. Now you can begin to imagine the profound impact that ALL of the reflexes have on us. I’ll keep working on my ATNR. And I’ll keep learning and continuing this incredible journey with MNRI.

Want to know more about this reflex? Keep reading below...


What is the ATNR?

And why do we care?

Fun party trick? Look what my baby can do!

Maybe, but more importantly the proper development of the ATNR - active until 4-6 months - lays the neurological foundation for:

⭐️auditory processing - listening skills! ⭐️dominance and midline orientation (coordination) ⭐️attention and focus

If ATNR doesn’t develop properly, some or all the above skills can be effortful, challenging, not automated!

The good news is it’s never too late (or too early) to integrate and rewire the brain for success!

We use the Masgutova Method or MNRI to integrate this and many reflexes because it is effective and science-based!

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