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Hi! I'm Nicole

I'm a Florida native, a little obsessed with big trees, and love to learn. For reasons I'm sure God knows, I've always been drawn to health science. This topic in particular has always been swimming around in my brain, just below the surface, ready to connect dots from bits and pieces of info that I read or hear or observe.


My parents thought I would become a lawyer; I can be stubborn at times. That trait becomes really obvious when I sniff a half-truth about anything medical. Maybe that's why after getting my degree in Health Science and Occupational Therapy at UF, I refused to take the conventional pharmaceutical band-aids when my PCOS symptoms flared.

My struggle with hormones was my first introduction into DIY internet sleuthing to get to the actual root cause of my issues. Armed with tenacity, the power of google, some experience with health science language and reading published research, I came up with a natural diet solution to my problems. With this info, 30 days later all my symptoms vanished, without prescription meds.

That was a nothing but a little warm-up compared to what I have unearthed on my healing journey with my child and with my clients. When traditional OT services weren't touching my child's root issues, or really answer my nagging WHY questions, I found MNRI. It transformed my child and I continue to be amazed by its power.

When I began to hear stories about children with ADD and Autism being healed with diet, lifestyle changes, time in nature, I dove headfirst into that research. Our little N of 1 experiment added more support to the claims. 

I saw the goodness in loving boundaries, and a conscious discipline-style approach. I was saved by His Grace - and the peace it gave me overflowed to my children. One of my mentors transformed me when she put me on her MNRI table. And she always says, "Calm mom, calm kids." Amen to that! 

I really thought our healing story was on a pretty solid foundation.  We had MNRI, clean diet, minimal screens, solid discipline and our faith in God. It turns out we had more to learn. Our child had some leftover extremely puzzling symptoms: the inability to cry with tears, transient facial tics, and poor weight gain.  

We tried a traditional private school for 5 months. His health started to deteriorate and instead of attending graduation, he was hospitalized for dehydration and metabolic acidosis after he struggled with a typical virus.

Though I'm very clear on the idea that healing is a journey and not a destination - I'm very happy to report that thanks in part to our decision to homeschool, my relentless dedication to research, and discovery of some key clinicians and scientists in the field of sunlight, water, and magnetism - we now have normal tear production, zero facial tics, and solid weight gain.

This website is dedicated to getting the information out of my brain and into the hands of more families on similar healing paths. There is so much freedom in this information but I've found out the hard way - what we really need to see is sometimes hardest to find.  

Though I connected the dots, I did not create them.  I will always cite the source of the information shared. Summary plans are helpful for stressed parents that just need some immediate relief. But, I'll always provide the long-form, geek version for those interested! 

It's my prayer that this information blesses you and your family on your journey. 


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