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Fidgeting, Personal space, Pencil Pressure: The Proprioceptive System

Have you ever wondered what the proprioceptive system is? If you’ve ever talked with an Occupational Therapist, you’ve probably heard it referenced. It’s all about body awareness! It’s that ability to hold up two fingers behind our back, without looking. It’s applying the right amount of pressure on the mechanical pencil to make a mark, and not break the lead.

The proprioceptive system relates messages to the brain from the muscles, joints, and ligaments. It is SO important that our children’s proprioceptive system functions optimally. If it doesn’t, he/she may have difficulty with invading others’ space, coordinating body movements, and paying attention in the classroom. Check out the video below, and contact us to set up an appointment if you have concerns about your child’s proprioceptive system. We’re here to help!

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